Thursday, September 21, 2017

Valerie Plame Wilson - AntiSemite

Once again the left shows their true colors.  Valeria Plame Wilson, famous for being a not-so undercover CIA operative outed by a fellow Democrat and blamed on the Bush admin took to twitter to blame jews for all US wars.

It's similar to when the left blamed the economic collapse they caused on Jews using code words like 1% and "Wall Street".

I was Googling Valerie Plame in order to find a good picture of her and this was all I could find.

No word yet from the SPLC on when they will list Valerie Plame Wilson on their site.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trump Headed for Shocking Win

In 2012, after Romney's resounding defeat, I opined that the path for victory for the GOP was not pandering to minorities, but to expand their support among white voters by targetting the hard working men and women with policies that help all workers, regardless of race.

Trump did just that and he out performed all the experts.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Salon Admits, Wikileaks Source Simple Phishing Attack, No Link to Russia, one of the most leftest new media outlets on the Interwebs is finally admitting what everyone already knew, there is zero evidence Russia behind the Wikileaks email dumps and that the Clinton campaign is clueless when it comes to cyber security.

"A researcher at the company SecureWorks told Motherboard that Podesta was sent an email on March 19 that appeared to have come from Google. In the email was a link using Bitly, a URL shortening service. Podesta clicked on this link, which took him to a fake Google page, where he then typed in his login information."

"The alleged hackers appear to later have sent Podesta’s emails to the whistleblowing journalism organization WikiLeaks, which has published them this month in installments. WikiLeaks says it has 50,000 messages to and from Podesta, and has published roughly 2,000 per day."

"The Clinton campaign immediately blamed the alleged hack of Podesta’s email account on the Russian government. The Clinton campaign also previously blamed the alleged hack of the Democratic National Committee on Russia, claiming it was part of an elaborate conspiracy by President Vladimir Putin to sway the U.S. election in favor of Donald Trump — although campaign officials admitted they did not have any evidence."

Let me repeat, "although campaign officials admitted they did not have any evidence."

"In early October, the Obama administration took the accusations a step further. The Department of Homeland Security released a statement officially blaming the Russian government. The brief, three-paragraph statement did not cite any solid evidence, however. It was also full of ambiguous language — noting that the U.S. intelligence community “is confident,” and that the hacks “are consistent with” methods used by Russia."

"Most major media outlets have echoed these accusations, but the U.S. government has yet to provide any solid proof."

Meanwhile, Clinton and Obama's rhetoric, including threatening a cyber attack against Russia, has significantly heightened tensions with Russia, so much so Russia has been having their citizens prepare for a nuclear strike from the US.

And they say Trump is dangerous?

Like a Broken Clock, Even Michael Moore Gets it Right Sometimes

Friday, October 21, 2016